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Posted by nwflytyer on January 18, 2009

Welcome to the NW Fly Tyer blog.  I plan to discuss a lot of fly tying here.  From the mundane to the most relevant hot topics, whatever strikes my fancy or what I’m working on at the time will serve as subject matter.  Expect comments and opinion, as well as some good instruction and tips.  Hopefully.  If I inspire you or help you along, great. If not, well…no one is making you read this.  😉

My interest in keeping a tying journal, if you will, is that I already document a lot of my tying to keep as a record of what I’ve done, how I’ve done it, and perhaps why I’m using or applying what I am at the time.  It is enjoyable and educational to go back, read through my notes, and keep building on all I’ve learned.  I’d like to have a record of the various educational materials I’ve accumulated over the years, so I thought I’d see if this will serve the purpose.

I have chosen the blog format because I have no desire to be a full-time webmaster.  I don’t mind writing about tying, but I’m busy, like most of you, and don’t want to take time away from my real passions dinking around with a website.  I’m still just a tyer and angler with not enough time as it is to pursue all I’d like.

So welcome to the tying journal.  I hope you find something interesting and educational here.


Monte Smith (nwflytyer)

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