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Want to Trade?

Posted by nwflytyer on August 15, 2009

Anybody interested in trading flies?  Want to share a unique pattern or two?  A streamer? A favorite trout, steelhead or salmon fly?   I enjoy seeing flies from all over the country (and world), particularly local favorites that may not get the pub of the ‘latest and greatest’ patterns hyped by the fly fishing press.  Of course, I also like to see the latest and greatest patterns hyped by the fly fishing press!

I’ve had wonderful exchanges with tyers over the years, from some really sweet flatwing streamers from Rhode Island, a beautiful Balmoral Dee, countless trout and steelhead fishing flies to a full-dress Jock Scott tied on a big stainless circle hook!  Streamers, emergers, wet flies, tubes, dries, Waddingtons, doubles, etc……you name it.  I love them all.  Nothing better than getting a “present” in the mail and enjoying other tyers’ handiwork.

Fly tyers are a great bunch of people, willing to share with one another techniques, materials, patterns, and everything that fires us up about this hobby.  So if you’re interested at all in a trading a fly or two, drop me an email at



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