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The Black Dog – Mackintosh version

Posted by nwflytyer on October 25, 2009

Pattern as per the Driffield Angler; in Two Parts by Alexander Mackintosh, c. 1806:

The hook No. 1, and shank near three inches long; the wings, the bluish feather from the heron’s wing, intermixed with the spotted reddish ones of a turkey’s tail; feathers for the body, lead coloured hog’s soft wool from under the ear, small gold twist, a large black cock’s hackle; the head, a little dark green mohair, and dark green silk.

Black Dog_Mackintosh Oct '09_Smith Hook

This is tied on one of my re-worked hooks – a size 4/0 XL.  Here’s my interpretation’s recipe:

Rib:  Gold thread, doubled

Hackle:  Black Spey coque hackle, stripped one side and wrapped all the way up the body

Body:  Lead colored pig’s wool (a blend of black, gray, and brown)

Wings:  Two heron gray Bird’s Fur (Whiting) plumes covered with two strips of spotted reddish turkey tail feather

Head:  Green mohair spun on green Gossamer silk

Black Dog_Mackintosh Oct '09_Smith Hook (3)

Top view

This is the top view showing the position of the wings, which are tied vertically and slightly split.  A second fly adhering to the same recipe, but tied on a Partridge Harrison Bartleet #2/0 :

Black Dog_Mackintosh Oct '09 #2

This is the oldest version recorded for the Black Dog, which underwent colorful changes on its way to the fly as most know it today.  We will examine the transformation in future posts.

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