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We Interrupt This Program…

Posted by nwflytyer on November 29, 2009

To bring you an old pattern that I tied as a tribute after 9/11.  I recently tied it again:

with optional horns

Tip: Fine oval silver tinsel

Tag: Dark Royal Blue silk

Tail: Dyed red golden pheasant crest covered with Kingfisher

Butt: Black ostrich herl

Rear Body: Medium oval silver tinsel, veiled above and below with Indian Crow (sub.)

Body Joint: Black ostrich herl

Front Body: Dark Royal Blue silk with crossing ribs of small oval silver tinsel

Throat: White saddle hackle covered with a couple of turns of red schlappen

Wings: Two pair of Amherst Pheasant tippets, back-to-back as for a Lady Amherst

Shoulders: Jungle cock

Topping: Red dyed golden pheasant crest

Horns (optional): Hyacinth Macaw

The Rising


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