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The Black Dog – Kelson version

Posted by nwflytyer on December 4, 2009

The Black Dog as per George M. Kelson, The Salmon Fly c.1895

Tag:  Silver twist and canary silk

Tail:  A topping and ibis

Butt:  Black herl

Body:  Black silk

Ribs:  Yellow silk, and silver tinsel (oval) running on each side of it

Hackle:  Black heron from the third turn of yellow rib

Wings:  Two red-orange hackles (back-to-back) enveloped by two Jungle; unbarred summer duck; light Bustard, Amherst Pheasant, Swan dyed scarlet and yellow and two toppings

Kelson's Black Dog

My how the pattern had changed from it’s humble, drab origins.  Bright colored wings, a more ornate tip and tag, tail veiling, underwings, it all changed.  Kelson claimed to be the originator, and this is the pattern most often referred to when tyers speak of a Black Dog.

Another Kelson Black Dog


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