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The Lemon and Grey

Posted by nwflytyer on February 13, 2011

The Lemon and Grey - dressed by Monte Smith

An Irish pattern, as per T.E. Pryce-Tannatt  – How To Dress Salmon Flies (1914)

Tag:  Silver thread and golden yellow silk

Tail:  A topping and Indian crow

Butt:  Black ostrich herl

Body:  Grey seal’s fur (or squirrel or monkey)

Ribs:  Oval silver tinsel

Hackle:  A grizzled hackle

Throat:  Lemon

Underwing:  Tippet in strands

Main Wing:  Green, yellow, and orange swan, Florican, bustard, golden pheasant tail, with mallard above

Sides:  Married narrow strips of teal and barred summer duck

Head:  Black ostrich herl


The Lemon and Grey


One Response to “The Lemon and Grey”

  1. Andrew said

    Wow! This is truly lovely! PT would be proud.

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