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Double White-Winged Akroyd

Posted by nwflytyer on April 30, 2011

Mustad-Chestertown Hooks No 3298

My good friend, Andrew Marshall (, shared some interesting hooks with me just before the NW Tyer’s Expo this year.  They are Mustad-Chestertown Model No. 3298 in size 8 and 9.   I can always count on Andrew for being a source of inspiration with the odd, unique, rare, and/or unusual material.

The Chestertowns have an offset (sneck) hook point and are blind-eye.  I like the sleek look to these and have visions of slim streamers and old Spey and Dee patterns tied on these rather “different” hooks.  I decided I would try my hand at tying an classic Dee pattern on a 3298 for my tying session at the Expo.  I tied a Double White-Winged Akroyd.

Here is the result:

The Recipe:

Hook:  Mustad-Chestertown Model 3298, No. 8

Eye:  Alec Jackson silkworm gut, fine

Tip/Tag:  Fine oval silver tinsel

Tail:  Golden pheasant crest veiled with strands of golden pheasant tippet

Rear Body:  Burnt orange seal’s fur ribbed with small oval silver tinsel

Rear Hackle:  Yellow

Mid Wing:  White goose

Body Joint:  Black ostrich herl

Front Body:  Black silk ribbed with small flat silver tinsel and fine oval silver tinsel

Front Hackle:  Long, webby black saddle hackle, stripped on one side

Wing:  White goose

Throat:  Teal

Cheeks:  Jungle cock, drooping


3 Responses to “Double White-Winged Akroyd”

  1. Now that is one sweet looking Dee. Your instincts are true as ever Monte… I think we have the perfect Dee hook, and the perfect person to tie with them, you!
    Great job!

  2. nwflytyer said

    Thanks, Andrew! I have some streamers to post that I think you are going to like. These hooks are really sweet!

  3. pacres said

    I love the modification on the hooks Monte. I was looking at picking up some of those but didn’t because of the kirb, but after seeing what you have done, I really wish I had just picked some up! Wow! Love the streamers and the Dee.

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