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Summer’s Fire Streamer

Posted by nwflytyer on May 7, 2011

Here is an original Rangeley style streamer, tied on another of the Mustad-Chestertown 3298 sleek hooks.

Summer's Fire

Summer's Fire

I have modified the hook slightly:  I removed the offset by putting the hook in an old vise and bending it into position.  I then ground the tip slightly to give it a slight taper and make it easier to apply my gut loop.  Perhaps you can spot the difference between an original  and one of my modifieds:

Mustad-Chestertowns No 3298, original and modified

I think these hooks lend themselves very well to featherwing streamer designs, and I plan to tie some for both display and fishing use this season.

Summer’s Fire Recipe:

Tag & Rib:  Flat gold tinsel

Body:  Hot Orange silk

Belly:  Yellow bucktail, white bucktail, short golden pheasant crest.  Orange schlappen fibers as throat

Underwing:  Peacock herl, covered with long golden pheasant crest

Wing:  Two hot orange hackles covered with two black hackles

Shoulder:  Red golden pheasant breast feather

Cheek:  Jungle cock

Front throat:  Black schlappen

3 Responses to “Summer’s Fire Streamer”

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  2. eunanhendron said

    Recently got some of these hooks after I saw your angry blue on Streamers365. I love how they look but I’m curious to know how you filed the tip and whether you think it will affect the strength of the hook for fishing with it being so thin at the point to mid shank.


  3. nwflytyer said

    Hi Eunan,
    I used a grinder to lightly taper the shank toward the eye and then hand filed to get my final result. This eliminated the bulky tie-in point when using gut for the eye, which I like to use for display flies. For fishing flies, I would not do anything to the shank because I do think it weakens it. I would use some of the heavy duty braided fishing line like Spider Wire for the eye if you’re worried about a bulky head. Otherwise, run the gut to mid-shank or so and tie away.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have fun with those neat hooks!


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