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The Essential Kelson – A Fly Tyer’s Compendium

Posted by nwflytyer on October 13, 2011

The Essential Kelson – A Fly Tyer’s Compendium – Terry Griffiths – book review – Global FlyFisher.

A new book I must add to my collection!



2 Responses to “The Essential Kelson – A Fly Tyer’s Compendium”

  1. nwflytyer said

    I bought this book and am very happy with it. It pulls together all of Kelson’s published fly patterns from The Salmon Fly, Tips, and the Land & Water Flies. To have all in one resource is great. Terry Griffiths does a fine job bringing it all together. Flies tied by Marvin Nolte (primarily) grace many of the pages, and the photography is top-notch. Throw in some photos of period-era flies from various collections and you have history brought to life. Outstanding!

    – Monte

  2. Mike Norwood Norwood said

    Don’t have this one yet. I’d like to have it if only for the L&W patterns. Thanks for the info, Monte.
    I really like the site. Well done.


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