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Stealing Images

Posted by nwflytyer on March 11, 2012

I wouldn’t think that I would have to write a post about this subject, but a recent discovery leads me to do so.  Imagine my surprise to find a series of DVDs about fly tying that feature flies on the cover and back exemplifying the work of the subject that are taken neither from the subject nor the tyers that demonstrate within the DVD.  No, they’re taken from me.  Yep.  My flies.  My photographs.  And they appear all over the series of DVDs.  Are you kidding me?

Perhaps I should be flattered, but I’m actually a little riled up about it.  You want to download photos to give you a reference for your tying or perhaps for a nice computer wallpaper? Not a problem.  Sharing my photos for PERSONAL use is encouraged. But who thinks it’s permissible (or legal) to scrape photos off a website to use to promote their commercial product(s)?   I would have gladly granted permission for what would be obvious reasons to any who know me, but I would certainly demand attribution.  I’m not after a cut or anything.  Perhaps a set of the DVDs would be cool but nothing more.

I’m not sure what my next step will be; I will have to give it some thought.

I should be posting some pictures of the recently completed Fly Tying Expo instead of dealing with this.  Expo update coming soon…


7 Responses to “Stealing Images”

  1. Peggy said

    I’d be riled as well, I’ve had both fly and Fish pic’s borrowed and be seen in another’s blog. It was the fish that irked me, they were claimed as the blog authors catch and they are a fly tyer appearing at national events claiming to be great. I guess most or some of these folks don’t know about copyright and the millennium copyright act of 1998, but if you steal music dl’s there is no stopping there.

  2. Just let them know where to send the royalty checks, or send them a cease and desist letter. Do you mind sharing some more details about it?

  3. nwflytyer said

    Wow, Peggy! That is amazingly brazen if you ask me. But you bring up a great point about music downloads. If they’ll steal that, what’s an image or twenty? Thanks for the comment. -Monte

  4. nwflytyer said

    Hi Darren. Good call! Just pass my along my check right here. I will email you. No need to call anyone out just yet. I would hope this can be worked out amicably. Thanks for commenting. -Monte

  5. Johnny said

    If you know Mike Radencich, he might give you some pointers, as he was a commercial photographer in another life. I was a client of his… also in another life.

  6. nwflytyer said

    Thank you, Johnny. I have gotten to know Mike, so I will seek his advice. Thanks for stopping by. – Monte

  7. Johnny said

    Monte, if you mention my name to Mike, he’s not likely to remember it, as I was down the chain a bit in the creative process when he was shooting. I was in Marketing Communications for a defense contractor by the name of DIT-MCO International, and Mike was contracted through our ad agency, Harmon-Pruett. I went to his studio once during a shoot, and proceeded to stumble all over his camera stand in the dark… he may remember that… or not, as I probably wasn’t the only client to ever do it. Anyhow, I didn’t want you or he to be confused as to my statement of having been his client.

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