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The Doc Spratley Spey

Posted by nwflytyer on January 15, 2017

One of my favorite stillwater patterns is the old Doc Spratley. Introduced to me in British Columbia some years ago, it is one of the very best searching patterns to be found on B.C. lakes.  Black, green and red are the popular body colors, and you can’t walk in a shop in the province without finding a bunch of Sprats. In larger sizes, it’s fished for steelhead.  

Tying some Green Butt Skunk Speys recently (similar body construction), I decided to tie a couple of the “Spey” versions of my old B.C.favorite:

General Recipe:

Hook:  Partridge 10/1 , #1 (as pictured)

Tag (optional):  Flat silver tinsel

Tail:  Guinea, real, or grizzly hackle fibers 

Rib:  Silver tinsel

Body:  Fluorescent green floss (optional) followed by black seal’s fur or similar 

Hackle:  Black (omitted on trout version)

Throat/Collar:  Guinea, teal, or grizzly hackle

Wing:  Ringneck pheasant tail fibers

Head:  Peacock herl

A peacock butt is a nice variation, and a few strands of peacock herl added to the wing can add a little color. 

Try ’em in trout sizes for your next northwest lake outing and fancy things up a bit if you want to swing one for steelhead. Enjoy!

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