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The Spring Breeze – in Fly Tyer magazine

Posted by nwflytyer on March 22, 2015

From Fly Tyer magazine, Winter 2014.  Sharon E. Wright’s new book on featherwing streamers is profiled, which includes a few of my original streamers.



Sharon has a nice blog at  Check out her book Tying Heritage Featherwing Streamers, available at your favorite fly shop or bookseller.


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The History and Evolution of the Trout Fly – Part 1 – ReelLinesPress

Posted by nwflytyer on October 5, 2013

Check out the first book from my old friend, Andrew Marshall.

From the intro:

Andrew Marshall’s perseverance for historical accuracy, coupled with his artistic tying talent, have recreated a visual and tactile history of the flies tied and fished by our forefathers. Working from the fifteenth to eighteenth century European and British angling literature, Andrew painstakingly sourced, or creatively substituted, the sometimes quite odd tying materials to create faithful examples of these original fly patterns. From a historical perspective, the book traces the evolution of fly patterns, where they were first documented and how they were passed from author to author, “borrowed” in their own works.

The History and Evolution of the Trout Fly – Part 1 – ReelLinesPress.

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Spey Plate | Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

Posted by nwflytyer on January 21, 2013

Spey Plate | Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo.

A little something I wrote for the NW Fly Tyer Expo website on the Spey Plate with pictures of a few flies I tied for the occasion.  Which one is going to make the final cut?  And will it compare to all the great flies that have been contributed?

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Save The Dates…

Posted by nwflytyer on January 20, 2013

Classes, Demos, Vendors, Casting Ponds, Tyers, Authors, Photographers,and much more!


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NW Fly Tying Expo – Albany Show

Posted by nwflytyer on March 20, 2012

The annual Expo has come and gone, and it was another well-attended, successful show.  It’s always a great gathering of tyers, vendors, instructors, fans, rod-builders, and anglers of all ages.  Thought I would share a few pictures from the two days.

Paul Rossman is in the foreground, Ronn Lucas, Sr. is on Paul’s left.  I believe Garren Wood, with his phenomenal woven stonefly nymphs is seated on down from Ronn.

Paul Rossman

Mr. Paul Rossman, all the way from Connecticut.  He has a two volume set of books titled “Creative Salmon Fly Art” now available.  The photography is simply stunning!

Andrew Marshall

Here is my old friend, Andrew Marshall, tying his authentic 17th century patterns- in hand – complete with braided horsehair snoods.  His work was recently featured in Fly Tyer magazine, and he is working on a book.   Note the dichotomy of using a laptop (to his left)…

Harry Lemire

The Northwest steelhead legend Harry Lemire prepares to tie his salmon flies, all in hand.

David Barlow

One of my favorite tyers (and instructors) of all time working on a White Wing Akroyd.  David Barlow is one of the show’s finest Atlantic Salmon tyers.  A flat-out pleasure to watch.

Dave McNeese

Dave McNeese was on hand to demonstrate.  His steelhead flies are of legendary status.  He has a nice new line of hooks out now, with a graceful bend, slightly up turned eye, and a black nickel finish.  Very nice!

Rich Youngers

Creekside Flyfishing Shop owner and local guide Rich Youngers was tying the Mahoney – a Dec Hogan steelhead Spey.

Mike Keithley

Mike Keithley is hard at work dressing a hairwing Dunkeld

Mike Radencich

I had the pleasure of taking a two-day salmon fly tying class from Mike Radencich in the days prior to the Expo.  Mike has authored three books on the subject of salmon flies, with a fourth slated for later this year.  A superb tyer and teacher, it was great to have him demonstrate his skills at the Expo.  His table was well attended!

Spey Plate 2012

Here is a shot of the Spey Plate I assembled for the banquet auction (despite the distortion in the photo, the frame and nameplate were square!).  The pattern is the Pitcroy Fancy.  It was my first year of organizing the plate, and I certainly appreciate all the tyers who participated.  Here is a list of those who contributed:  Larry Nicholas,  John Olschewsky, Jim Ferguson, Dr. David C. Burns, Mike Boyer, Glenn Wilson, Dareld Thompson, Byron Bjerke, Rich Youngers, Dave McNeese, Vern Jeremica, Ronn Lucas, Sr., Jon Harrang, Rockwell Hammond, Jr., Aaron Ostoj, Michael D. Radencich, Monte Smith, Royce Stearns, Andrew Marshall, Jeffrey A. Smith, Jim Fisher, Mike Keithley, Bill Lovelace, Clark Lucas, and Jerry Criss.

Kat Rollin

Kat Rollin made the trip west from New York with Paul Rossman.  She is another of the talented tyers who is seeking to connect with the past by tying without a vise.  She ties a beautiful salmon fly, a la Harry Lemire, completely in hand.  As the picture below shows, she is also quite the artist.  Talented!

Kat's artwork on her envelopes of materials

Salesman's Fly Book - c. 1910

This was a real treat; one of the tyer’s had borrowed this book from a neighbor to show.  Supposedly it is a salesman’s tri-fold fly display from Hardy’s circa 1910.  The flies were in great condition, and it was fun to see patterns famous and otherwise as they were offered commercially.

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Stealing Images

Posted by nwflytyer on March 11, 2012

I wouldn’t think that I would have to write a post about this subject, but a recent discovery leads me to do so.  Imagine my surprise to find a series of DVDs about fly tying that feature flies on the cover and back exemplifying the work of the subject that are taken neither from the subject nor the tyers that demonstrate within the DVD.  No, they’re taken from me.  Yep.  My flies.  My photographs.  And they appear all over the series of DVDs.  Are you kidding me?

Perhaps I should be flattered, but I’m actually a little riled up about it.  You want to download photos to give you a reference for your tying or perhaps for a nice computer wallpaper? Not a problem.  Sharing my photos for PERSONAL use is encouraged. But who thinks it’s permissible (or legal) to scrape photos off a website to use to promote their commercial product(s)?   I would have gladly granted permission for what would be obvious reasons to any who know me, but I would certainly demand attribution.  I’m not after a cut or anything.  Perhaps a set of the DVDs would be cool but nothing more.

I’m not sure what my next step will be; I will have to give it some thought.

I should be posting some pictures of the recently completed Fly Tying Expo instead of dealing with this.  Expo update coming soon…

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On the Brink of the Expo

Posted by nwflytyer on March 5, 2012

Well, Friday is the day…NW Fly Tying and Fishing Expo.  The two-day extravaganza begins.  In the meantime, two days of tying with this guy:  Mike Radencich.

Oh, this is going to be fun!

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Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

Posted by nwflytyer on February 17, 2012

It’s that time of year again.  The Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo is set for March 9 and 10th in Albany, Oregon. Check out the classes available – from Spey casting to fly tying – and the schedule of tyers for the two days. There’s a particularly intriguing class on Spey Flies being offered on Friday (pssst! at 3:45, classroom #2). You may want to check out the details. The instructor seems familiar 🙂

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Partridge of Redditch – Newest Blind Eye Hooks

Posted by nwflytyer on February 20, 2011

These are the latest blind-eye hooks from Partridge; hand filed for a classic look.  I have used the Adlington & Hutchinson CS6 and Bartleet CS10/3 hooks in my salmon fly tying.    I am certainly interested in adding some of these to my collection!

Partridge of Redditch Limited.

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The Boucher Salmon Fly Collection

Posted by nwflytyer on February 7, 2011

Wow!  Not sure I have ever seen so many perfect hairwing and strip-wing salmon flies in one spot.  Check out this collection I found offered for sale on the Art of Angling website.

Salmon Fly Collection

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