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Today’s Claret Brown or in Praise of the Mustad-Chestertown Model 3298 Hook

Posted by nwflytyer on November 8, 2015

For those who know me or have followed this blog for some time, my latest version of the Claret Brown will come as no surprise:


The Latest Claret Brown

Yes, my love of this crazy, sleek hook continues. This is a size 6, and I’ve taken the sneck out of the bend. I also grind the tips to make them more receptive to a gut eye.

I’ve varied the pattern in a few ways: embossed silver tinsel rib, added the jungle cock sides, and made a fur head. I like wool/fur heads of some of the old classics, and I had planned to use orange on this a la the Dallas fly, but settled on black.

The hackle is schlappen, stripped on one side, and the wings are true cinnamon turkey. 

And here’s an orange head version. Somebody please stop me…

Previous Spey Plate flies that I worked up a Mustad-Chestertown version for my collection include The Pitcroy Fancy and the Dallas Fly:


Pitcroy Fancy


Dallas Fly

More fun on the Chestertown:


Double White-Wing Alkroyd


Featherwing streamers


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The Spring Breeze – in Fly Tyer magazine

Posted by nwflytyer on March 22, 2015

From Fly Tyer magazine, Winter 2014.  Sharon E. Wright’s new book on featherwing streamers is profiled, which includes a few of my original streamers.



Sharon has a nice blog at  Check out her book Tying Heritage Featherwing Streamers, available at your favorite fly shop or bookseller.


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Posted by nwflytyer on March 14, 2012


Oh, this is good!  There are many patterns here, complete with pictures and recipes.  Dries, wets, tube flies, etc.

I am especially intrigued with the Classic Salmon Flies section at the bottom of the page.  The flies of Blacker, Francis Francis, Kelson, etc al.  Photos, recipes, wow!

Take a look and bookmark this site!


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Classic Streamer Class Notes

Posted by nwflytyer on January 1, 2012

These are notes compiled when taking a streamer tying class from the late Harry Gross in February 2003.  I have added these to the Tying Notes page and can be found by following the link below.   

-Classic Streamer Class Notes « Northwest Fly Tyer.

Perhaps there will be some items here for the streamer tyer that will prove helpful.

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Copper McFinn

Posted by nwflytyer on January 1, 2012

Copper McFinn - dressed by Monte Smith

Copper McFinn Recipe

Hook:  Mike Martinek 8XL, #1

Rib:  Red wire

Body:  Flat copper tinsel

Belly:  Red fox squirrel tail

Underwing:  Peacock herls covered with long golden pheasant crest

Wing:  Two yellow hackles flanked with two slightly shorter red hackles

Shoulder:  Silver pheasant

Cheek:  Jungle cock

Throat:  Dyed red golden pheasant crest

Topping:  Dyed red golden pheasant crest

Inspired by the famous Mickey Finn streamer.

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Summer’s Fire Streamer

Posted by nwflytyer on May 7, 2011

Here is an original Rangeley style streamer, tied on another of the Mustad-Chestertown 3298 sleek hooks.

Summer's Fire

Summer's Fire

I have modified the hook slightly:  I removed the offset by putting the hook in an old vise and bending it into position.  I then ground the tip slightly to give it a slight taper and make it easier to apply my gut loop.  Perhaps you can spot the difference between an original  and one of my modifieds:

Mustad-Chestertowns No 3298, original and modified

I think these hooks lend themselves very well to featherwing streamer designs, and I plan to tie some for both display and fishing use this season.

Summer’s Fire Recipe:

Tag & Rib:  Flat gold tinsel

Body:  Hot Orange silk

Belly:  Yellow bucktail, white bucktail, short golden pheasant crest.  Orange schlappen fibers as throat

Underwing:  Peacock herl, covered with long golden pheasant crest

Wing:  Two hot orange hackles covered with two black hackles

Shoulder:  Red golden pheasant breast feather

Cheek:  Jungle cock

Front throat:  Black schlappen

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