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Please DO NOT use any of my photos of my flies for commercial purposes without my permission.  Thank you.

A few display flies…

5 Responses to “FLY GALLERY”

  1. Kay Parker said

    Being a novice fisherman myself, I can only say that is the most beautiful photography I have seen. The display flies are incredible. Obviously you are multi-talented!

  2. John Maher said

    Great to see the Gary LaFontaine patterns shown and explained. I re-read Fly Fishing Mountain Lakes but the book had no photos of the patterns. As a veteran steam fisherman but novice lake fisherman, I am very excited to try these patters on my local lakes this upcoming season.

  3. nwflytyer said

    Hi John,
    Good luck on your lake fishing. Fly Fishing Mountain Lakes is a favorite read…reading Gary’s adventures made me want to build a Slough Pig of my own! I bet you will find any number of his patterns that will serve you well on stillwaters. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. -Monte

  4. Eunan said

    Wow, some great visuals here for the novice classic tyer (me), giving a great impression of how finished flies should look. Thanks for sharing these images.

  5. nwflytyer said

    Thank you, Eunan. Glad you are enjoying these!

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