Northwest Fly Tyer

The fly tying pages of Monte Smith


IMG_1718The Bubble Boy – a nifty little emerger pattern, especially good for Callibaetis

The Peacock Dragon – a deadly stillwater dragonfly nymph

The Bloody Buzzer – my little chironomid pattern inspired by the UK genre of slim designs

Indian Summer – a classic featherwing-style streamer

Santiam Sunrise – another classic featherwing streamer

The Brown Sugar – a steelhead hairwing utilizing raccoon fur

The Orange Crush – a big winter steelhead fly

The Purple Storm – another hot steelhead fly in two color combinations

DF Hopper – a different type of foam fly…

The Stormy Morn – a steelhead Dee style fly

More to come…

Bubble Boy

Peacock Dragon

DF Hopper

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