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Brown Sugar

A classic style hairwing with the traditional silhouette of thousands of steelhead flies.  A subtle summer steelhead fly with a bit of accent color.  For those times when somber is better.


Brown Sugar

The Brown Sugar


Hook: Daiichi 2441 std. salmon iron or Model 7131 double, size #2-6

Thread: Hot orange

Tail: Dyed orange golden pheasant crest or soft hackle fibers

Rib: Oval copper, two strands twisted together into a rope

Body: Raccoon fur

Throat: Brown dyed  grizzly

Wing: Raccoon hair

Sides: Jungle cock

Head: Hot orange

I enjoy swimming double hook flies in water where it is allowed, of course. They stay balanced and swim in an upright orientation most of the time. Plus, they’re just pretty cool to look at!

Brown Sugar_dbl

Brown Sugar - Double


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