Northwest Fly Tyer

The fly tying pages of Monte Smith

Santiam Sunrise

As featured in Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer (2004):


Santiam Sunrise

Hook:               Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley, #1 (8XL)

Tag:                 Gold Body Braid

Body:               Purple Japanese silk

Rib:                  Gold Body Braid

Belly:                Yellow bucktail, white bucktail, two short golden pheasant crests

Throat:              White schlappen with deep red schlappen at front

Underwing:        A few strands of peacock herl covered with a long golden pheasant crest

Wing:                Two fire orange hackles, flanked by two purple hackles

Shoulders:         Dyed orange mallard flank

Cheeks:            Jungle cock

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