Northwest Fly Tyer

The fly tying pages of Monte Smith


Tying the Classic Featherwing Streamer – notes from my Rangeley style streamer class   NEW!

Northwest Originals For Lake, River, and Stream – class notes for three original patterns

An Introduction to Spey Flies – History, patterns, materials…notes from my class

Proven Patterns: The LaFontaine Legacy – my class introducing the genius of Gary LaFontaine

LaFontaine Class Patterns – recipes and pictures of the class flies

Tying the Diving Caddis – step-by-step instruction for tying this excellent LaFontaine pattern

Tying the Air Head – another LaFontaine fly in step-by-step photos

Classic Streamer Class Notes – from a class I attended taught by the late Harry Gross

Tying The Lady Amherst – a classic whole wing fly

Tying The Glen Grant – my handout and class notes for tying this unique Spey Fly

Tying The Stevenson  – a whole tippet-wing salmon fly (my first class as a salmon fly tying instructor)

Tying The Black Dog – Kelson’s classic exhibition version.

Hook-Making 101 – some notes on re-working and making your own hooks


The Salmon Flyer – The entire collection (253 pages of recipes, tips, instruction) of  the old newsletters available in one .pdf document.  (Simply click the link to download)

Tying the Green Highlander – Kelson’s version

The Green King – Step-By-Step

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