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Another Pitcroy Fancy

Posted by nwflytyer on April 22, 2012

I cannot quit tying the Pitcroy Fancy.  I had this pattern in mind for this hook awhile ago, and I finally tied it.  This one tied on a No. 8 Chestertown…

Pitcroy Fancy - Chestertown No. 8 hook

I’ve been playing with some new features on some photo editing software.  This is the result of applying the “1960’s” finish to the photo.  I thought it gave it a pretty neat look…

Pitcroy Fancy

2 Responses to “Another Pitcroy Fancy”

  1. Monte, I really like this pattern on the Chestertown. Gives it that nice stretched out look. Great looking site, too.
    Aaron Ostoj

  2. nwflytyer said

    Thanks, Aaron. I’ve had fun with the Chestertowns. Some flies just beg for that sleek hook.

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