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The Purple Storm

Purple Storm - Pink

Here is another steelhead fly (like the Orange Crush) that utilizes Edge Brite for part of the body. Edge Brite is a vinyl like material available in some hot colors that make very appealing hot spots on flies. Lazer Wrap is another similar material. You cut it into strips – the width depending on the size of the fly you are tying – and wrap it in overlapping turns over a base of flat silver tinsel.

It is important to wrap in overlapping turns so that the edge of the material, which is even brighter than the rest of the material, creates a nice “hot” rib while creating a bit of texture on the body. By wrapping over a base of tinsel, the color of the material really glows. Try wrapping the Edge Brite over a thread underbody and you will immediately notice the difference!

The Recipe:

Hook: Daiichi 2051 (Alec Jackson Spey hook), # 1.5 – 5

Tail: Black squirrel tail

Underbody: Flat silver tinsel

Rear Body: Strip of hot pink Edge Brite wrapped over the tinsel in overlapping turns

Front Body: Purple seal fur or substitute

Wing: 3 layers – purple squirrel tail, pink squirrel tail, purple squirrel tail

Hackle Collar: Black schlappen

Note: For the orange version of the Purple storm, substitute orange Edge Brite  on the body and orange squirrel tail in the wing.

Use sparse bunches of squirrel tail when tying in the wing.  Squirrel tail hair is hard and slick, difficult to secure if you use too much at once.  I will usually wrap the black hackle collar on this fly between the pink or orange hair and the final bunch of black squirrel.  So the tying progression is black hair, “colored” hair, collar hackle, then black hair to complete.

Purple Storm - Orange

One Response to “The Purple Storm”

  1. Andrew said

    we should try these in small sizes for sea-runs and early fall steelhead on the Siletz.

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